What Are The Best Salespeople In The World Doing Differently From You?

Learn The Secrets Of Communication With Lenny & Colleen

Transcending focus with Lenny and Colleen started with the initial intent of making ourselves into incredible sales and business people for the purpose of our various business.  We took countless courses in different disciplines, practiced every day, read hundreds of books and distilled it down to a way of doing business and communicating with people that was incredibly persuasive and effective.  We started to train others on our philosophy and strategy and they too started to see their incomes increase in multiples.  We could never have predicted the joy we took in seeing others lives improve in so many ways.  So with that, we made the decision to realize our purpose in life and create Transcending Focus, the premier coaching company for those looking to make their lives exceptional.

Communication and persuasion is not just about seeing more money than you could fathom, its also about strengthening relationships in your personal life.  Marriages, kids, friends, parents, coworkers, clients, prospects, you name it.  When you understand communication at a deep level, and know how to harness it, life….well life is pretty awesome. But that can’t be the only thing.  Thats the outer shell.

Your brain is the computer you never got a manual for.  It has the power to run some pretty powerful software and malware.  It takes a skilled hand to make sure, you avoid those viruses and instead run the same programs that the most successful people in the world use.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret that makes Mark Zuckerberg tick?  Or the inner voice that sounds a lot like Warren Buffet?  Psychology is powerful stuff, but sometimes you just need the basics to run a business

Being a good business person doesn’t come naturally to anyone.  They see what others are doing and learn what it takes to run a business.  They mirror others.  We read biographies, interviewed billionaires, and business coaches and work to help people run an effective business.  Whether you’re a start up or a fortune 500, we know how you operate!  And we know how to take you to the next level of your business.

That trifecta of Business Mastery, Inner Psychology, and Persuasive communication are the key to transcending focus.  We teach you all three disciplines to become a true success dynamo!


Have you even wanted to be a part of something that could change your current level of success to a level only imagined?

The Transcending Focus Academy is an opportunity for you to join an exclusive group, where you will be immersed into the world of Sales-mastery. Our Academy provides a secure community for any individual looking to increase their revenue, sales and ultimate success. Born from the foundation of “how far can I take this?” we break the boundaries and limiting beliefs to bring you to new heights.

The Academy is a comprehensive source where you will learn a hybrid of communication skills and extremely effective strategies, partake group conversations and case studies discussing how to implement specific methodologies that will accelerate your ability to persuade. Through training, weekly videos and blogs, learn the secret tips of how to be more effective, efficient and successful in closing more deals.

Just like anything worthwhile in life, the key to success stands with accountability. The academy holds each of its members to the highest level of in accordance to ensure success will be achieved. Where other programs may have failed you before, the academe will provide the right level of motivation and “tough love” to keep you on track with your goals.


Lenny Kerman

Over the past five years, Lenny has founded a multitude of financial enterprises including Altaview Financial Group, FMP Mortgages, Kings Landing Financial, Making Money For You Inc., and Prosperis Inc. Lenny is also regularly asked to be a keynote speaker at various conferences discussing alternative investments and real estate development in the Canadian market place.

As an entrepreneur with a proven track record of success, it was natural to pair his knowledge in sales to begin coaching and mentoring others. Lenny has taken countless sales programs, Neurolinguistic Programming courses, and business courses. He synergies his knowledge to coach others to achieve mastery in their respective fields. Lenny regularly earns in the top 1% of the field and has done so for the last 10 years.

Colleen McKay

Began her career as a Registered Representative in a Private Wealth firm dealing with some of the wealthiest families in Canada. She continued her career in the Alternative Investment space becoming licensed in mortgages and insurance. Colleen regularly performs at the pinnacle of her field, practicing what she preaches and doubling her income yearly for the last 4 years.

As a natural coaching personality at heart, she developed a profound interest in education focusing on sales within the financial industry. Colleen has provided coaching to high level athletes and performers in the dance community for over 10 years. Her specialty has been focusing on the mental components of mastery and high pressure peak performance. Colleen is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of other trainers in NeuroLinguistic Programming.

“I have taken a number of sales training programs over the years and found them somewhat limiting. I recently attended a sales training program with Lenny and Colleen and found the concepts offered quite useful and easy to implement. I not only believe they will help me in my sales career, but in my personal life also. Thank you! I look forward to furthering my training” – Steven Lindsay

How Much More Money Would You Make A Year, If You Were More Influential?

Learn the secrets that make the best the best…
…and the rest the rest


Are you in any kind of sales position? If yes then you must become a member of the Transcending Focus Academy.  Learn how to unlock your full potential in your professional and private life with invaluable training and guidance provided by Lenny and Colleen. Sales professionals from all over the world join the Academy and come from a diverse professional background including:




Managers of staff


Phone Sales


Corporate Trainers

Car Sales

Real Estate Agents

MLM Professionals



The Transcending Focus Academy gives you the most comprehensive program, with weekly value added content to help you accelerate your selling skills.  Each member will receive our 5 week Power of Persuasion Course as well as access to our Private Social Forum, Selling resources and monthly group coaching calls.

Accountability Coaching
Take responsibility for your growth, accountability coaching keeps you focussed on the path to your greatest success.

More Influence Over Others
Produce more favourable results, use our strategies and techniques to get what you want more often at work and at home.

Negotiating Mastery
Learn how the best sales professionals constantly come out on top by adopting the same negotiation tactics.

Goal Setting And Achievement
Achieve the levels of success that you’ve always imagined, set the bar high by creating your goals and sticking to the process.

Improved Communication
Improve your relationships by adopting better communication patterns which will help grow your sales numbers to new levels.

Massive Income Increases
Get ready to watch your career flourish as you increase your wealth and your co-workers wonder how you did it.

Success Habit Formation
Learn and implement the same habits that successful people share in common. Make sales success a part of who you are.

Hypnotic Selling Techniques
Extend your influence and increase your sales ability by learning to use NLP techniques that you never knew you possessed.

Stronger Relationships
Personal and professional relationships flourish when you communicate clearly and adopt our tried and tested principles.


Choose the plan that’s right for you.


Transcending Focus Academy Annual
  • Go Annual & SAVE! (no hidden fees)
  • Power of Persuasive Selling Course – 5 Week Training Course
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Accountability Calls
  • Access To New & Existing Academy Training
  • Success Starter Kits
  • Guides, Checklists and Downloads
  • Accountability Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group


How will the Transcending Focus Academy help me?
The Transcending Focus Academy is an important tool for any Sales Professional who is looking to maximize their full potential using different approaches and techniques that help build relationships and improve your sales numbers. By getting access to our courses, on-going training and resources will help you improve in many different facets of your professional and personal life.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you may cancel anytime, you will be able to retain access for the remainder of the period you paid for, after which you will lose your access to the Transcending Focus Academy training and resources.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
It’s very rare that new members ask for refunds because of the tremendous amount of value we provide to you, however we do stand by a full 30 day money back guarantee.
Do you guarantee results?
While we can not guarantee results, we do share with you the exact strategies and blueprints you require to be a successful sales professional. If you stick to the process and training your will be amazed at the results you achieve.
How often is the Live Online Training?
On-going live training will be held monthly and will focus on the most important and pressing issues for our members. You will gain intimate access to Lenny and Colleen as they present to you new concepts and answer your questions to help you be more successful. Once you get started with the Transcending Focus Academy you will be automatically registered to all new online training classes. Live training is held using GoToWebinar.
What if I can’t attend live trainings?
Live training classes will be recorded and posted in our Members Area so you can watch the recordings at your own convenience.


I had the pleasure AND privilege of attending training with Lenny and Colleen. It was life-changing! Even if you are a seasoned sales veteran, you will take away some great information. ‎ Just starting out? Definitely a must!

Darren Stevenson

I just recently completed Lenny and Colleen’s NLP 3 day intensive training course. The experience was absolutely amazing. I left with so many tools that I could use in every aspect of my life as well as a clear understanding of the power of words and how to make them flow the way they need to be heard.

The course was very interactive and motivating. We set goals, made plans and left the weekend with a clear, well laid path for success.  

Cheryl Campbell

Lenny and Colleen’s training program provided me with practical selling techniques and strategies that I will put into place immediately.

The valuable and easy to follow content combined with role playing and ongoing tasks have set me up to confidently walk into a sales situation and close! Lenny and Colleen, where have you guys been all my life????

Carolyn Swirsky

Thanks for the training Lennie and Colleen. One of the tools that we were taught during the training was the art of silence in the sales process.  In my recent situation with a client who is a management consultant and engineer and a stickler for detail we were stuck on a point during the close. I circled back and re-explained the key points and issues that he was questioning and then sat silent. It was incredibly uncomfortable as I wanted to keep talking but I just kept silent with eye contact on the client.  After about a minute (felt like an hour) he looked at me and said OK lets go ahead with this. So thanks for the sales tip and the practical applications that you gave us.

Patrick Caicco

I attended Lenny and Colleen’s training course in October. I had a small idea what I would be learning but I got everything I was looking for and more. Lenny and Colleen are excellent instructors – highly capable, motivational, down to earth, and likeable. Their comfort level with the information being presented is quite evident, and they are clearly well-trained. They took us through neuro-linguistic programming, advanced sales techniques, and really opened up my eyes to new ways to approach sales and social interactions. Through slides and hand-on activities, there was a wide range of teaching styles, which our class appreciated. I would recommend this course and Lenny and Colleen as instructors to anybody looking to get better at sales, build their business, or simply interact better with people in their life and the new people they meet. 

Justin Stein

Lenny & Colleens course is like no other sales training you have ever been to. They have you look beyond your current circumstances, from your past and into your future to get a deeper understanding of why we are not as successful as we want to be, not only in our sales as business people but they teach you how to dive deeper to get a basic understanding as to why we are who we are and how to harness what we want to be in our everyday lives and bring it to fruition.  

I am an absolute advocate of this course and encourage any and every one to take the next step and take this course. You will feel empowered and you will find that you have control over who and what you want to be.

Michelle Symonds